Thursday 11th January 2018
(M) Small man-made items
Bring pictures or real items eg sweets, cakes, nuts, bolts to be painted, drawn or used as part of a collage.

Thursday 25th January 2018
(M) Impressionist Development
Bring an Impressionist picture and use to make a picture of your own.

Thursday 8th February 2018
(M) Impressionist Development
Continue collage or painting from your interpretation of the original impressionist picture.

Thursday 22nd February 2018
(M) Pictures for Fishslab Exhibition (theme is anything to do with Cafes.
Also, please bring your impressionist work to show to others.

Thursday 8th March 2018
(W) Mono Print Workshop by Cathy McTurk
Unfortunately Cathy is unavailable. Instead local artist Penny Murchison will be talking about her art using natural materials and people will be able to try out her ideas for themselves. Please see the NEWS section for details of what to bring.

Thursday 22nd March 2018
(M) Musicians
For this session we will work in groups of 4-6. Work can be in 2d or 3d. Bring items which make sounds eg tin cans.

Thursday 5th April 2018
(M) Texture and Colour
Four set-ups will be organised by June, Daphne, Yvonne and Jill. Members will produce pictures from the set-ups.

Thursday 19th April 2018
(W) Pastels
Jill will lead this session. She will bring pastels and suitable paper but would appreciate it if members that already have these would bring their own.

Thursday 3rd May 2018
(M) Composite Picture
Yvonne will organise this session. Examples of previous years pictures can be seen on the main page of the website.

Thursday 17th May 2018
(M) Fastenings
Bring your own zips, buttons, laces etc. Work can be 2 or 3d

Thursday 31st May 2018
Pen & Wash demonstration and workshop by Paul Gadenne
Please bring 2 fineline drawing pens (fine nib 0.1 or 0.2mm and medium nib 0.5mm) and basic watercolour kit including burnt sienna and ultramarine blue. Paper should be thick enough not to cockle with the watercolour.

Thursday 14th June 2018
(M) Charcoal Drawings or Chinese Style paintings

Thursday 28th June 2018
(M) Summer Seaside
Paintings of individual set-ups with the accent on summer colours

Thursday 12th July 2018
(M) Small pictures for the Horsebridge Exhibition
The theme is "The Road not taken". People are asked to buy a £1 A5 canvas at the meeting and paint a picture in any medium based around the themes and ideas in the poem. The pictures will be shown at the Horsebridge and sold for £9.50 with the money going to the artists.

Thursday 26th July 2018
(M) Footwear
Pictures to be produced in a variety of styles eg Art Deco, Surrealist, Cubist.

Thursday 9th August 2018
(M) "After the Event" Picnic
Painting or model of debris left behind. Work in groups

Thursday 23rd August 2018
(M) Items from the bathroom

Thursday 6th September 2018
(D) Demonstration by Penny Bearman
Colourful acrylic paintings

Thursday 20th September 2018
(M) Changing Seasons
Bring seasonal pictures and paint the same images at different times of the year

Thursday 4th October 2018
(M) Monotone pictures
Accent on Autumn colours

Thursday 18th October 2018
(M) Wildlife (not vegetation)

Thursday 1st November 2018

Thursday 15th November 2018
(M) Feathers
Paint or use textiles

Thursday 29th November 2018
(M) Transport
Bring own references.

Thursday 13th December 2018
Social Afternoon with quiz, chat and nibbles. This is the final session of 2018.

Calendar of Meetings

All Thursday meetings will be held in the Parish Social Centre, 15a Castle Road, Whitstable, CT5 2DY, from 2.00pm to 4.00pm.

Charges are 50p per session - £2 for demonstrations. Members may bring guests to the demonstrations for which the charge will be £3.00

A small subgroup of the Committee has selected the themes for this year's meetings. We hope you find them enjoyable and inspiring. Some sessions will run over more than one week and there will be some group work. A member of the sub-committee will give ideas at the beginning of the sessions.
For regular meetings and workshops (marked M or W) please bring along art materials and resources as indicated in the Calendar. For demonstrations (marked D) just come along and enjoy watching and learning from some excellent artists. .

Any alterations to the programme will be made by e-mail or newsletter.