Calendar of Meetings

Our Wednesday afternoon meetings are held in Swalecliffe and Chestfield Community Centre, 19 St Johns Road, Whitstable, CT5 2QU from 2.00pm to 4.00pm.

Charges are £1 per session and £3 for demonstrations. Members may bring guests to the demonstrations for which the charge will also be £3.

We hope that you find the themes for this year's meetings enjoyable and inspiring. Some sessions may run over more than one week and there will be some group work.

For regular meetings and workshops (marked M or W), please bring along art materials and resources as indicated in the Calendar. For a set-up (S), please bring items relating to the theme. These will be combined into a still life set-up. For demonstrations (marked D) just come along and enjoy watching and learning from some excellent artists.

Any alterations to the programme will be notified by e-mail or on the NEWS page.
Please check the NEWS section for any changes to the programme.
Please bring your preferred art materials with you to the meeting unless otherwise stated.

Wednesday 11th January 2023
(S) Celebration - bring party themed items e.g. balloons, streamers, blowers etc.
There will be an introduction to Concertina Sketch Books, which can be used throughout the year. These will be available to purchase at the meeting at £4.50 each, or advice offered on making your own.

Wednesday 25th January 2023
(M) Concertina book - start work on your chosen theme in your Concertina book. At this meeting, A5 canvases will be for sale for £1 each. These will be for display and sale at the Horsebridge Exhibition; the theme is Celebration.

Wednesday 8th February 2023
(M) Composite Picture - enlarge a small piece of a famous painting, which when combined will recreate a full size reproduction. Bring acrylics, watercolour, inks or coloured pencils; paper will be provided. The finished image will be displayed during our Horsebridge Exhibition next month. Examples of previous years mosaic pictures can be seen on the Home page of the website. (Yvonne)

Wednesday 22nd February 2023
(W) Roger Swan – pencil workshop; working with different types of pencils. Please bring some pencils and paper.

Wednesday 1st March 2023 to Monday 13th March 2023 - Horsebridge Exhibition – theme Masquerade and Celebration.

Wednesday 8th March 2023
(S) Jugs, cups and bottles – creating light and shade.

Wednesday 22nd March 2023
(W) Jacqueline Browning – light and shade of fruit and vegetables using inks and bleach.

Wednesday 5th April 2023
(W) Jean Markham – knife painting in acrylics.

Wednesday 19th April 2023
(S) Flowers and plants – in any medium and any style.

Wednesday 3rd May 2023
(W) Andy Mullins – learn how to paint portraits.

Wednesday 17th May 2023
(M) Alternative portraits – colourful, mono, cubist, collage – or cut up and stuck back together. Anything different. Enjoy!

Wednesday 31st May 2023
(M) Animals – these might be in different styles or weird colours or just how you would like to paint them. Any medium.

Wednesday 14th June 2023
(W) Lyndsay Wilkinson - come and try felting. All you need to bring is an old hand towel.

Wednesday 28th June 2023
(M) Landscape – use collage to create a landscape.

Wednesday 12th July 2023
(M) Seascape – try mixed media or an abstract style.

Wednesday 26th July 2023
(M) Yvonne Gambrill - Imaginative painting – start with a small square of a painting (provided), put it somewhere on your painting surface and extend it into a larger image.

Wednesday 9th August 2023
(S) Footware – sandals, wellies, big boots, little boots, ballet shoes – anything! Bring them in for a still life set-up.

Wednesday 23rd August 2023
(S) Sea shells – how many varieties can we bring in for a set-up? Use any medium you like.

Wednesday 6th September 2023
(W) Carol Miles – Mono print. Please bring a piece of perspex, glass or material which can be wiped clean. You will need rollers, textured card and paper. Oil-based inks or paint work best.

Wednesday 20th September 2023
(W) Jacqueline Browning – Shades of inks – pens are not just for writing!
Please bring any pens – felt tip, fine liner, biro, fountain pen. Please also bring suitable paper, water pot, small brushes and some subject matter to draw.

Wednesday 4th October 2023 to Tuesday 10th October 2023 - Fishslab Exhibition.

Wednesday 4th October 2023
(W) Julia Parker - Cesar Manrique (resident of Lanzarote) - simple images supplied, but bring different surfaces to paint on, e.g. wood, stones, Perspex, tiles, hardboard.

Wednesday 18th October 2023
(S) Leaf painting or printing. Use your leaves as stamps or incorporate them into a painting.

Wednesday 1st November 2023
Annual General Meeting - please bring along some of the work you have produced during the year or your Concertina Books. We would love to see what everyone's been doing.

Wednesday 15th November 2023
(W) Sheila MacLurkin – Story of Printmaking - Paleolithic to Giclee. A demonstration and workshop.
Please bring aprons, gloves, acrylic paint, felt tip pens, paper, stipple brushes, any of your own work relevant to the subject.

Wednesday 29th November 2023
(M) Songs – Paint or produce an image of your favourite song.

Wednesday 13th December 2023
Christmas Social Afternoon with quiz, chat and nibbles. This is the final session of 2023.

Wednesday 10th January 2024
(S) Jewellery still life.

Wednesday 24th January 2024
(M) On the Move - Introduction to the Horsebridge exhibition (Val Beck and Aidan Flood).
A5 canvases will be available to purchase for £1 each.

Wednesday 13th March 2024 to Monday 25th March 2024 - Horsebridge Exhibition – On the Move.