Calendar of Meetings

All Thursday meetings will be held in the Parish Social Centre, 15a Castle Road, Whitstable, CT5 2DY, from 2.00pm to 4.00pm.

Charges are 50p per session - £3 for demonstrations. Members may bring guests to the demonstrations for which the charge will also be £3.00

A small subgroup of the Committee has selected the themes for this year's meetings. We hope you find them enjoyable and inspiring. Some sessions will run over more than one week and there will be some group work. A member of the sub-committee will give ideas at the beginning of the sessions.
For regular meetings and workshops (marked M or W) please bring along art materials and resources as indicated in the Calendar. For demonstrations (marked D) just come along and enjoy watching and learning from some excellent artists. .

Any alterations to the programme will be made by e-mail or newsletter.
Thursday 9th January 2020
(M) "Celebration" - Bring in sweets, cakes, biscuits and drinks and your art things so you can draw and paint

Thursday 23rd January 2020
(D )Roger Swan - introducing Colour into the Picture

Thursday 6th February 2020
(M) Create artwork from colourful pottery. Look at work by Patrick Caulfield. Bring in coloured or patterned jugs, plates, cups, saucers etc.

Thursday 20th February 2020
(D) Jan Annoot - a Powerpoint presentation on "The effects of Colour in paint"

Thursday 5th March 2020
(M) Composite picture. Please bring acrylics to paint on A5 canvases (provided) to enlarge a small piece of a famous painting. The finished image is for display during our Horsebridge Exhibition. Examples of previous years pictures can be seen on the main page of the website.

Thursday 19th March 2020
(M) Another composite picture - this time on paper (provided). Please bring along the art materials of your choice.

Thursday 2nd April 2020
(M) Collage. Create a collage of any sort of weather.

Thursday 16th April 2020
(M) Create an artwork from your collage
Thursday 30th April 2020
(M) Still Life emphasizing textures. Three still-life set-ups will be arranged, but also bring in any of your own ideas/objects for texture.

Thursday 14th May 2020
(M) Bling - bring in your own sparkly stuff to make joint set-ups, or paint your jewellery individually.

Thursday 28th May 2020
(W) Artist Andy Mullins will demonstrate the art of Caricatures. Bring paper, pens and pencils and a picture of a famous face to caricature under instruction and guidance.

Thursday 11th June 2020
(M) Caricature - part 2. Your chance to do a caricature of someone in the Society. Bring your art materials and prepare for some laughs.

Thursday 25th June 2020
(M) The Seaside. Three set-ups will be provided - just bring your art materials.

Thursday 9th July 2020
(M) OUTDOOR MEETING AT THE TEA GARDENS (weather permitting). Meet at 1.45pm. Parking available on street or in Castle grounds. Bring your sketchbook or camera. If the weather is not good come to the hall as usual and we can draw each other.

Thursday 23th July 2020
(D) Jacqueline Browning will demonstrate using pouring techniques with acrylic paints.

Thursday 6th August 2020
(W) Artist Paul Gadenne will demonstrate painting seascapes. Bring your own acrylics and canvas, paper or board.

Thursday 20th August 2020
(W) Creative ways of producing images. Ideas from Daphne, Julia and Jacqueline. Bring your art materials.

Thursday 3rd September 2020
(W) Artist Jean Markham will lead a workshop - subject to be advised.

Thursday 17th September 2020
(M) Monotone Pictures - your choice of colour and subject

Thursday 1st October 2020
(M) Fruit and Veg - inside or outside. Bring your own

Thursday 15th October 2020
(W) Artist Lindsay Swan will lead a workshop on drawing. Bring your own. pencils and cartridge paper.

Thursday 29th October 2020
AGM (and please bring along one of your own paintings for group critique and discussion).

Thursday 12th November 2020
(M) Wildlife. Bring your own sources (not including tigers or elephants)

Thursday 26th November 2020
(M) Head wear. Bring hats, scarves etc to paint, or bring materials to make a hat.
Thursday 10th December 2020
Christmas Social Afternoon with quiz, chat and nibbles. This is the final session of 2020.